Development of School Administrative Affairs

[I] Diversified design to promote the teaching quality and learning skill :

  1. Specialty and independent teaching.
  2. Enlightened and guidable teaching materials and methods, based on the development of body and mind of students.
  3. Teachers, parents and administration, 3-way communication, to reinforce the learning quality.
  4. Utilizing various curriculum activities, to inspire the learning interests.
  5. With group honor and superior school tradition, to arouse the learning motives.

[II] Diversified development, Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Group & Art,
      5-Educations to be performed at the same time :

  1. Carries out normal class weave, coordinates and applies resources to effectively lead the development of normal learning, such as teacher qualification, course arrangement, instructions of class activities, mental adjustment and counseling to teachers and students.
  2. Explores all kinds of specialties, according to teacher's specialty and willingness, and volunteers for training all kinds of special talent persons, such as Art Class, Literature camp, Volleyball, Basketball, Boating, Fencing, Judo, Boxing, Table tennis, emphasizing the nurture and normal training, which have resulted expecting achievements.

[III] Concretely carries out livelihood education.

  1. Inviting excellent tutors to carry out livelihood regulations.
  2. Carries out the prevention and counseling to the fringe students:
    1. PrincipleDisciplinary OfficeTutors are into prevention mode, to inspect entire campus during the morningnoon break and after school.
    2. To make appropriate arrangement to the student with troublesand request the parents to co-operate with the counseling program by the school, to achieve the counseling results.
    3. To the cases of students with continuously unadaptation and group counselingpreventioncounselingtreatment, should be all taking care togetherschool social workerscounselors and assigned teachers should pay attention positively.
  3. Emphasizing parenthood educationHelps the parents to educate and communicate with their children by Contact BookPublicationsInterviewsParent-Teacher Symposiums.

[VI] Looking after the minority, guiding the superiority, taking care of every student.

  1. Establishment and development of music class: 10 Practice rooms, 2 Concert rooms, 2 offices and all kinds of music instruments are all well planed, daily counseling and hard practices, and certain assistance to their future career plan.
  2. Following our principle in regular education, Hearing malfunction Class, Mind-Retarded Class will only be separated, individual counseled when needed, finding and training special education teachers, we currently have 4 teachers with special education degree, and 47 students who need for special education.
  3. The Baking Class and Technician Class of 3rd grade, purposed to create different development environments for students with special ability or learning disorder, the Baking Class has especially achieved to the extremely good results.

[V] Well planed campus, expecting to create humanized,  environmental education capabilities.

  1. Through the nationwide contest to obtain the excellent campus design program.
  2. The graceful landscapes have been completed in successions.

[VI] Positively declare and execute all the programs and concretely put into effects.

Support and handle the Countywide activities. Bring up 5 directions to Educational Reformation and essential co-operating programs by helding the Educational Reformation, counseling and deliberating meetings, to declare, well plan and carry out with all our strength. Such as normal class weave, principle of minimizing class members, potential development program, diverse entrance program, education of sex equality, education of parenthood, etc.